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From the Desk of the World Kabaddi President

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Kabaddi, a sport which has transfigured people to adopt this game which was hiding somewhere in the ancient books. The journey from soil to mat has witnessed a lot of ups & downs backed by the thoughts of its backwardness to its civilization among hundreds of foreign nations.

World Kabaddi is determined to blossom Kabaddi throughout the world with many nations coming forward to understand this ancient game of Kabaddi.

As we have taken a commitment to bring Kabaddi into the Olympics, World Kabaddi is proud and cherished to announce Kabaddi World Cup 2019 which will take place between 2nd April to 15th April 2019 in Malaysia.

Backed by the support of many enthusiasts, we aim to uplift togetherness and spiritual unity through this game.

With over 32 countries in the men’s event and 24 countries in the women’s event, this will be a landmark for many ardent Kabaddi players who seek reputation through the game.

The participation of around 40 member nations with over 1000 delegates has aimed towards friendly competition among nations. We’re thankful to our supporters and well-wishers who have joined hands with us and made this ambition a reality.

It will also allow many cultures to get exchanged, promote ethnicity and diversify the feeling of nationalism among participants. It allows fans to forget their sorrows and unite together with a spirit of breath-taking “Kabaddi, Kabaddi!” chant.

May the world join their hands together and step on the Kabaddi mat with their hearts roaring the Kabaddi cant. Aspiration of the dream turning into a reality, the day is yet to arrive. With positive hopes and fingers crossed, Kabaddi will touch greater heights in the days to come.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Das
President – World Kabaddi
President of European Kabaddi Federation and England Kabaddi Association

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